Saturday, August 7, 2010

Nashville Girlfriends Getaway!!

So finally the time came for my girlfriends getaway! Thursday thru Sunday with lots of my gal pals, lots of food and lots of beer!

Talk about a great time with great friends! Here are some pictures from the trip, at least the couple that are internet friendly. :-)


The first night, the early crew (and also those of us that went to Nebraska last year), Kara and Jenny made it later that night but we must have had too much to drink by then to take another picture! And also the picture of where I parked the truck! I don’t know what I was thinking! Getting it there was fun, getting it out, NOT SO MUCH!

DSC_8915 DSC_8873

Friday night with everyone that could make it! I love these girls!


This was my big hair do, trying to bring back the good ol days!


Beth, Laura and I being silly with the leftover Ham Chunks!! You had to be there to understand!

Coming soon my New York trip!! And probably some pics of the kiddos and Momo too!

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