Friday, September 4, 2009

FINALLY! I have lots of pictures to post.

Great Grandpa Glenn and Amaya at the Vest Reunion.

Mamaw and Papaw Keller with the grandkids.

The Bloomfield High School Class of 1994, or at least part of us.

Part of what is left of the Warden's house at Alcatraz.

Arthur sitting on the "bleachers" in the yard at Alcatraz.

Craig and Arthur trying to fit in in San Fran.

The beautiful Golden Gate Bridge!

Our first night in San Fran. meeting the soon to be bride and groom at Martin Mack's Bar. Kurt, Matt, Will and Arthur.

Peter, Laura, Arthur and I after dinner and a Magic Show at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles California.

Arthur and I at Sidewalk Cafe right by the basketball court where White Men Can't Jump was taped.

This is a mural on a wall in Venice Beach.

Jon Barada, Arthur and Will Barada at the first Colts pregame.

This is my brother Matt and his beautiful Fiance Ashley. They went to one of the colts games with us.

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