Sunday, January 11, 2009

Day 11

I can't figure out how to move this down so read below then read the following. :-)
I have named this picture "The Road Home", This is the street that I grew up on, a little further down the road. To understand you will have to read below, I grew up on this street and at the end in this picture is the funeral home where my grandmother's Memorial service will be this week. So from this post can you tell how I am feeling?
First off, Happy 3rd Birthday Leo!! My handsome little boy. I love you more than words.

This picture is in Freedom Indiana. I like it because of the church in the background of Freedom Road sign. For a little background, my grandmother is very ill, the church reminds me that she will be free from pain soon and in heaven with my grandfather. So I saw something symbolic in this picture. More than just a sign, road and church.


  1. I watch my grandmother and she doesn't want to be alive anymore, and I wonder about the dignity of living so long.

    Hugs to you. I know this will be a really tough time, even if it means a peaceful end.

    I told Craig to call a dozen times yesterday, but he wanted to skype and he didn't see you all online. Today. I promise.

  2. Grandma passed away this evening. It is much better this way. It was hard but I know her and grandpa are together raising some hell! :-) Hugs to you guys!